Fair Go Dairy Feed Pads

The Fair Go Dairy Feed Pad, is a specifically designed feeding system for dairy farms, with enormous benifits for the dairy farmer.  When most people think of feed pads they think of enormous set ups with enough space for all their stock.  But do you need a set of tit cups for every cow? Of course not.  With the Fair Go Dairy Feed Pad, you can have an even further saving of time and labour.  Most farmers milk their cows then take them to feed, with the Feed Pad you can feed and milk your herd in batches allowing you to do both of those jobs in half the time.  No wastage of feed also means filling the Feed Pad less often. 

Stock Feeder

ECONOMICAL - Some facts about the Fair Go Feed Pad

This Feed Pad is much shorter, smaller and less expensive than you think…as little as $20-$40 per cow! 

Stock Feeder

The FAIR GO DAIRY FEED PAD provides a system where feeding takes only 20-30 minutes every 3 days.  You can fill with whole rolls, big square bales or whole Fel’s full.  There is no need for feed-out carts or silage wagons and tractors are not tied up.  You don’t need to drive down lanes, through gateways and across pastures, drastically reducing waste and mud to almost none. 

"This is less than a quarter of the work we used to do!"

"We used to fuel up the tractor twice a week with the wagon on the back, now we have sold the wagon and we fill up the tractor once a fortnight!"

"We just didn’t believe how much more pasture we could grow if we didn’t keep stuffing it up."

"The best thing about the Feed Pad is that Dad now gets time to kick the footy with the kids."

"Not only do the cows exit the shed much better, they even come into the shed better!"

There isn’t any bossing or bullying.  A FAIR GO for every cow and extra for tailenders.  You can feed the same way whether the cows need hay, silage or straw to boost or balance their ration.  You also make sure every cow is getting a fair ration and a controlled amount of fibre after every milking and still keep pasture the focus of the farm. This all leads to better production, better butterfat tests, better utilisation of your grain and lush pasture, better conception rates and retention rates, less acidosis and fewer foot problems.

"We cut down from 9.5kg dry matter per cow to 7.5kg With a FAIR GO DAIRY FEED PAD and production went up by 1 litre per cow per day."

"Not only do the cows exit the shed much better, they even come into the shed better!"

"You can see it, every cow gets a FAIR GO!"

"They just look so…happy!"

"You can tell by looking at the improvement of heifer condition that the Feed Pad is working."

A “Waste-Not” FAIR GO DAIRY FEED PAD means you can grow more pasture and have better utilisation of your pasture, and that is a major reason for putting in the Feed Pad! The Feed Pad solves more than just pasture damage and mud.  It allows you to put sacrifice paddocks and the calving paddock back into the milkers rotation.  This eliminates both over grazing and the need to graze early growth pasture to soon. You can manage your pasture from the pasture’s point of view without the cows suffering. 

"Our pasture breakeven day was 2 weeks ahead of average when everyone else’s was 2 weeks later than average with the wet season."

"Our feed wedge just kept going out further and further and we ended up making much more silage than we expected."

Fantastic Features

Cost saving, Labour saving, Stock saving. Efficent, safe and wholely Australian made and supported.

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Saves You Money

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