Waste-Not Cattle Feeders

They're not just feeders, they're a feeding system.  A Waste-Not Stockfeeder will save you money, time and labour while increasing profits.  The design of the Stockfeeder leads to 3 main benefits, with each main benefit branching off into many benifits for your stock, you, your farm and its profitability. 

Also available, Bull Feeders with wider arch spacing for bulls necks and a sturdier, heavier duty construction



All our feeders are designed to ensure that the feed is contained within the Feeder and that eating takes place in the Feeder. The width of the arches has been specifically calculated to ensure the bull spacings for animals  that have thicker necks. The skirt eliminates valuable leaf being blown away or trampled into mud or dust by your stock. The skirt also allows feeding grain or pellets. Cattle have access to all the valuable protein which enhances and promotes live weight gain. Feed savings can be 30% to 40%.  


Our Feeders are designed as part of a system. The three-section round Feeders can easily be extended to  Oval Feeders to utilise 2 rolls or larger squares. The oval Feeders can be extended to hold as many big  square bales or round bales as required with the addition of more panels and pad stays. 


All our Classic Feeders are constructed of super duty high tensile steel and are guaranteed to withstand  the rigors of daily use by your cows. steers and bulls. 


A Round Feeder (C12, C15) holds a round bale which is sufficient for about 30 cows with calves and should  feed them for about 3 days. The Oval Feeder  (S7 C5) hold 2 round bales or 1 large square which is sufficient  for up to 50 head for 3 days. The large Oval Feeder (S12 C5) holds 2 large square bales. Ideally, the mob  would consume a fill in 3 days. Intakes depend on feed quality. The right system can be specifically  designed for your operation.  


Why do animals grow faster with a WASTE-NOT Stockfeeder?  The animals eat all the hay fed to them with  almost no waste. Stock receive all the nutritional value from the feed with all the leaf’s valuable protein.  The competition between animals is reduced. The bossy animals can no longer dominate the hay that has been  put in the Feeder. Now the shy animals have easy access to their share. Cattle use the Feeder and then graze any available pasture. This is a winning combination in helping to achieve the best possible condition of your cattle.


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